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3 benefits of mediating a conflict with the insurance company

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Mediation |

Many people negotiating with the insurance company that covers them or the party responsible for their injuries fail to use all of the tools at their disposal. For example, someone might meet with an insurance adjuster on their own, expecting the company to treat them with respect and not understanding the trickery and manipulation that an adjuster might employ.

All too often, individuals who attempt to directly negotiate with an insurance company will receive less compensation than they need or deserve based on their circumstances and the amount of coverage available. Lawyers can help individuals negotiate with insurance companies, but even they may find themselves stonewalled by an adjuster who won’t return their call.

For some people, insurance claim mediation can be a way to move forward with negotiations and secure a more appropriate settlement. How does mediation benefit those with big claims?

Mediation focuses on compromise

During direct negotiations, it is either you or your attorney up against the insurance adjuster or the company’s lawyers. The insurance company may feel like it has all the power and may treat you accordingly.

It can be difficult to resolve the matter, and going to mediation could help break up a negotiation logjam preventing progress. A mediator helps facilitate compromise and can help you achieve a more appropriate resolution. Some people will file a lawsuit and then propose mediation as an alternative. An otherwise uncooperative insurance company may agree to mediation to avoid a loss in civil court.

Mediation will save you from public embarrassment

If you have to go all the way to civil court to get what you deserve from the insurance company, your testimony about your injuries or circumstances will become part of the public record. In Florida, mediation sessions are confidential, which means that you can protect your privacy.

Mediation will reduce costs to settle the claim

You will have to spend far more money to secure a favorable outcome if you litigate because court is expensive. Mediation does involve secondary expenses, but it can keep you out of court. The less time you have in court, the less you will have to pay in court costs and other expenses.

Understanding that mediation can be a tool to help you deal with the insurance company might result in a more favorable resolution to your disputed claim.