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You Have Won Or Lost Your Case At The Trial Court, Now What?

 Whether you have won or lost your case, you should not assume that the trial lawyer will be the best person to represent you on appeal. It is imperative that you obtain skilled appellate counsel to represent you in the appellate courts. Appeals are unlike other forms of litigation. Your appellate counsel requires a distinct skill set including critical legal analysis, legal writing and effective appellate argument abilities.

What Happens In An Appeal?

A civil judgment is legally presumed to be correct. To overturn a judgment a party requires an experienced appellate lawyer to skillfully craft compelling arguments to demonstrate that the judgment is wrong.

Typically, such arguments focus on:

  • An error of law
  • Insufficient or improperly admitted evidence
  • Procedure deficiencies at trial or rulings leading up to trial

Conversely, a judgment can be affirmed through skillful use of standards of review which, often times, give deference to a trial judge’s discretion.

Regardless of which side you are on, the unique facts of your case could also influence the end result. You need an appellate lawyer who can present a compelling argument, seamlessly blending the facts of your case and the law, to provide you the best chance for a successful outcome on appeal. That is why many other attorneys refer their appeals to VAKA Law Group. Our lawyers can assist clients at any stage of a case, so do not hesitate to seek our experienced counsel to assist you.

Reasons To Choose VAKA Law Group For Appellate Litigation

Our capabilities are evident through numerous successes on the books, as well as, commendations in the legal profession. Attorney George Vaka is board-certified by The Florida Bar in appellate practice and has been since 1994, the first year such a certification was available from The Florida Bar. Contact us at 813-549-1799 or send us a message for top-rated appellate representation today.