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Vaka Mediation: Enlist A Mediator Or An Advocate For Clients In Mediation

As one of the Southeast’s most respected and accomplished trial and appellate advocates, Mr. Vaka has expanded his practice to include mediation services to help parties achieve a desirable voluntary resolution to their legal dispute. Whether a complex dispute calls for mediation, another form of alternative dispute resolution or a comprehensive negotiation strategy, Vaka Mediation assists parties in attaining an effective resolution and preventing years of protracted, expensive and uncertain litigation.

Attorney George Vaka has had extensive experience advocating both for and against Fortune 500 corporations, national and international insurance companies, syndicates and trained professionals in almost every licensed profession. These experiences provide him with a uniquely insightful perspective on conflict and its resolution from the viewpoints of both the corporate powerful and the seemingly helpless. George is well-known and respected for his insight into different settlement options, including continued litigation and alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Extensive Experience In Complex Litigation

Having represented clients going through mediation and having served as a neutral mediator, George skillfully blends legal innovation with considerable experience in complex and, often, novel legal matters to facilitate fair resolutions of even the most complicated disputes. A few examples of his complex litigation experiences have included cases focusing on the following dangerous products and accidents versus the following negligent parties:

  • Automobile and tire design and manufacturing – Ford, Bridgestone and Firestone
  • Contraceptive devices (Dalkon Shield) – A.H. Robins Company
  • Implanted medical devices (heart valves and breast implants) – Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  • Chemical and pesticide exposures (Benlate) – DuPont and Orkin Exterminating Company
  • Tobacco and Florida “Engle progeny” cases

In all mediation and advocacy matters, he brings to the table his devout work ethic, positive attitude, passion, integrity and various other attributes that have earned him numerous state and national accolades from his peers for decades.

About Vaka Mediation And Our Firm’s Strengths

Vaka Mediation’s insight, experience and well-earned credibility help parties respectfully communicate their respective positions, create opportunities for thoughtful analysis of the dispute and, ultimately, assist the parties in the discovery of resolution strategies that result in imaginative or unconventional solutions others may have believed unachievable. Our firm is especially well-suited to assist parties involved in complex litigation and potential litigation in the following niche areas: appellate mediation, multiparty litigation, class actions, construction, insurance law, toxic torts, product liability and professional liability.

Attorney George Vaka’s knowledge and reputation consistently assist parties with reaching a satisfactory resolution to their dispute through creative, imaginative and thoughtful suggestions. He is well-versed in structured settlements and other settlement terms and conditions. Identify an available slot on our mediation calendar by calling VAKA Law Group at 813-549-1799 or requesting an appointment through our brief online intake form.