Established Excellence In The Practice Of Law

A Law Firm Applying Experience, And Demanding Excellence In Appellate And Insurance Matters

At VAKA Law Group, we expect no less than excellence of ourselves because we are convinced that our clients deserve no less than extraordinary counsel and representation. By the time people come to us, they know they need tailored legal advice and strong advocacy. We take a practiced, professional approach to meeting each one’s needs.

Initial consultations at our law firm typically include Mr. George Vaka, the founder of our firm, another lawyer and the potential client. Getting to know each other is the beginning of a strong attorney-client relationship. Follow these links for information about our professional backgrounds.

We are well-respected in the legal community and have built this law practice primarily through referrals. George Vaka is a Florida Supreme Court-certified circuit and appellate mediator and is board-certified by The Florida Bar in appellate practice. All of our attorneys bring strong qualifications to the table.

Our Mission, Our Culture And Our Approach

In a nutshell, our mission is excellence; our culture is creative, and our approach is collaborative. From the start, we listen closely to our clients and explain to them clearly how we can help. Once we reach an agreement to begin, we immerse ourselves in every detail of a case without delay. We look closely for the keys that will lead to the right result, such as the following:

  • Relief from wrongdoing
  • Payment of claims
  • A well-prepared trial
  • Whatever legal remedy will resolve a matter in our clients’ best interests

Ultimately, we aim for our clients to walk away with greater value than what they came in expecting to achieve. Our emphasis on service and the results that we regularly achieve have built the reputation we are known for.

To Schedule A Consultation

We hope you will not hesitate to reach out about your insurance law, appellate, trial support or professional malpractice matter. To arrange for an appointment without delay, call 813-549-1799 or send an email inquiry through this website.