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A Warm Welcome To Fellow Lawyers And Law Firms Seeking Co-Counsel Arrangements

Over more than 35 years of law practice, attorney George Vaka has increasingly received requests for co-counsel service from other legal professionals. Why? Experience and a strong track record are the attractive features of VAKA Law Group that bring others to our door seeking to collaborate.

Today, our team of attorneys offers in-depth knowledge of both legal issues and legal procedures to others in need of co-counsel. With a combined total 87 years of experience, our lawyers’ records include countless victories in and out of court. Our firm welcomes the opportunity to engage in thoughtful, in-depth discussions with other lawyers about their clients’ complex cases. Such conversations often lead to proposals for co-counsel arrangements. We consider it an honor and a professional calling to share our knowledge and lighten the burdens of fellow attorneys and their clients in this way.

Why Seek Co-Counsel From VAKA Law Group? Integrity, Dedication And Experience.

Contrary to misconceptions, including co-counsel on a case does not mean legal fees will be higher. When the co-counsel partner is chosen carefully, greater efficiency may improve cost-effectiveness.

Other firms and litigators asking us for co-counsel often match one or more of these descriptors:

  • Out-of-state firms in need of a Florida connection to meet the requirements of a case
  • Plaintiffs’ firms that lack the experience that our lawyers have had representing insurance companies
  • Lawyers who are aware of George Vaka’s extensive professional credentials, awards and widespread reputation for excellence
  • Law firms whose loyal clients understand the need to enhance their firm’s litigation capabilities through co-counsel on complex legal matters

The best co-counsel arrangements bring out each law firm’s greatest strengths. In the case of VAKA Law Group, these strengths include a solid work ethic and countless successes in complex matters such as bad faith insurance claims. Our collaborators, meanwhile, continue to manage their established attorney-client relationships for each client’s ultimate good.

To Discuss Your Co-Counsel Needs

Does your client’s case need trial preparation support, mediation counsel or strategies for a well-founded, persuasive appeal? Our firm is ready to collaborate with minimal ramping up necessary. Our portfolio likely includes similar cases.

To schedule a consultation and talk over your interest in co-counsel by VAKA Law Group, call 813-535-5770 or complete an online inquiry form for a prompt response.