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Did An Insurer Wrongfully Deny A Claim?

Insurance companies oftentimes find ways to avoid paying claims and make people wait way too long to receive their rightful benefits after a loss. This happens even in clear-cut cases where someone should obviously receive insurance benefits after these types of losses:

  • Car accidents
  • Hurricanes or other natural disasters
  • Property damage for business owners or homeowners

Whatever happened that led you to file a claim for insurance benefits (or if you plan to file a claim), beware. It can be very difficult or even impossible for the average person or small business to overcome an insurance company’s roadblocks. An experienced attorney on your side can go a long way toward resolving the case expeditiously.

Some insurance policyholders receive false promises from insurers that lead them along with expectations of benefits that they should receive. Then they may be shocked to receive a check that is for a much lower amount than what is needed to compensate for the loss. Property owners who need to rebuild after a fire or hurricane can be put in a very bad position after an insurer pays less than what it will take to repair the damage or reconstruct an entire home, garage or commercial property.

As badly as you need that money, beware of cashing a check for less than what you should have received from an insurance company after a loss incident. For fast action pushing back after underpayment of a large claim, contact VAKA Law Group. Our years of experience and strong track record put insurers on notice that we will fight as necessary to get the right result for our clients. As necessary, we bring bad faith insurance claims and appeal insurance-related trial verdicts.

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When something doesn’t seem right, that usually means it truly is not right. Our law firm’s focus is on large claims for which we can make the greatest difference. We handle every case with professionalism and take a team approach to getting results.

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