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Legal Remedies When Insurers Delay Claims Or Act In Bad Faith

Insurance policyholders and others who are eligible for benefits from an insurer (such as a plaintiff in a personal injury case) rightfully expect the insurer to honor its policy. Those who make claims and encounter difficulties collecting benefits have often experienced serious injuries or losses, and their needs may be great. An insurer that puts up roadblocks or even completely denies responsibility may warrant aggressive legal action.

VAKA Law Group effectively represents individuals and businesses that have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits or have experienced excessive delays. As needed, we facilitate the handling of claims and/or bring bad faith claims against insurers. We have a strong reputation and track record in all areas of insurance law.

About Bad Faith Claims

In the words of Florida Statutes section 624.155, “Bad faith on the part of an insurance company is failing to settle a claim when … it could and should have done so, had it acted fairly and honestly toward its policyholder and with due regard for [the policyholder’s] interests.” The requirements for a bad faith claim are time-sensitive and detailed.

Attorney George Vaka and our other insurance law attorneys are highly knowledgeable about insurance law. Mr. Vaka’s 37 years of experience and strong track record make legal opponents pay attention when our law firm pursues resolution of an insurance claim or files a bad faith insurance claim on a client’s behalf.

The First Step: Consideration Of The Facts

To maximize the effectiveness of an initial consultation with one or more of our bad faith insurance law attorneys, bring all relevant facts with you. Be ready to answer basic questions, such as the following:

  • What was the loss?
  • What interactions have you had with the insurer so far?
  • Are you a first party (the person who has experienced a loss, such as a house fire) or a third party (an insured person who has had a damage claim filed by someone else against you, such as a motorist with whom you were in a car accident or someone who was injured on your property)?

We are experienced in both first-party and third-party bad faith insurance claims. Let’s talk about your case. To schedule a consultation, call 813-549-1799 or send an email message through this website.