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Strengthening Cases At All Stages Of Litigation And Appeals

With a strong litigation background, attorney George Vaka often handles complex civil appeals for people who need to appeal or uphold a verdict. In addition, our law firm collaborates on providing trial support to other lawyers and law firms that are handling complex litigation or cases that may lead to appeals.

Experienced appellate representation is equally important for those who have won or lost their case. If you lost a case, we will use our knowledge and experience to help you appeal the verdict. For people who won their case, we will provide crucial support in convincing the appellate court to uphold the results.

With 37 years of experience, Mr. Vaka is well-equipped to strengthen any litigation matter and does so for many other attorneys with great dedication and the full support of our entire legal team. While the ideal time for an appellate team to provide trial support is from the beginning of a case, we are also prepared to come in at any point during litigation.

Our Trial Support Encompasses Trial Preparation, Litigation And Appeals

When VAKA Law Group in Tampa, Florida, provides ongoing trial support, we regularly advise other law firms and lawyers to assume that the outcome of any trial will need to be appealed or defended on appeal. This mindset throughout a trial enables attorneys to prepare for that potential appeal every step of the way. Our support in this dimension throughout a trial’s stages is invaluable to many of the law firms with whom we collaborate.

One of the critical elements of preparing for an appeal is to ensure there is preservation of error during the trial. In general, this means that attorneys must object immediately to anything that may be procedurally wrong or improper evidence when the opposing counsel attempts to introduce it at trial. If there is no preservation of error established during the trial, the appeals court will not have the opportunity to consider the matter.

Preservation of error is just one of the ways we help strengthen clients’ cases. When our skilled lawyers provide support to other firms’ and other attorneys’ trials, we look for areas where we can make the greatest difference, including one or more of the following:

  • An in-depth focus on the legal issues behind a trial, an appeal or a potential appeal
  • Fleshing out legal principles
  • Research on legal precedents
  • Sorting out complex collections of facts on numerous legal issues
  • Developing themes to explore as a case proceeds
  • Examining ways to minimize risk to the client through all phases of a trial
  • Exploring alternative perspectives

Additionally, we provide invaluable litigation and trial insights based on our extensive appellate experience.

Advocates For Those Appealing Or Protecting A Verdict

We are prepared to help you consider ways in which we can provide the trial support that you and your client may soon need. Call 813-549-1799 or send an email inquiry through this website to schedule a meeting with one or more of our experienced appellate lawyers.