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4 major causes of head trauma

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You, like many people, become more avoidant of head injuries as you age. It seems like just yesterday you were a kid banging your noggin on everything. Today, the thought of having the slightest bump to your head, however, gives you anxiety. 

It is often said that knowing your enemy is the best way to avoid dangers. While you may not want to wear a helmet everywhere, knowing how people have experienced head injuries in the past may help reduce yours. 

Sports injuries

History has seen a number of injuries produced while playing a sport. In many cases, sudden movements from a fall or tackle in a game can shake the brain and cause internal head trauma. The best way to avoid sports injuries is to wear the proper safety attire. 

Motor vehicle accidents

Many people experience head trauma because of a car accident. While a seatbelt and airbag may prevent worse injuries, you could still experience a concussion. People don’t often realize when they’ve experienced serious trauma to the head and often dismiss signs of injury until it is too late.

Slip and falls

Wet floors, uneven ground, leg injuries or tripping can all lead a person to fall down. While many people may experience bruises from minor falls, hitting your head (either on the way down or when you hit the ground) can lead to injuries.

Physical assaults

People don’t often go out looking for fights, but that doesn’t erase the possibility that an altercation can unfold. Blunt trauma to the head by a fist or objects can cause a room to spin, causing dizziness, and creating more issues if you stumble and fall.

Head trauma can lead to serious health concerns and even change your way of living. If you experienced head trauma as a result of another’s mistakes, then you may need to reach out for legal assistance that can provide you with steps to recover from medical bills.