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4 common summer injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Summer is meant to be fun and relaxing, but one wrong move could lead to injuries and long-term health issues. A lot of summer activities are riskier than many people realize.

Here are the kinds of injuries you should watch for in the summer:

1. Head injuries

There are tons of people that use the summertime to get back into their favorite sport – soccer, football, volleyball, tennis or golf. Some sports lack the proper protective gear used to shield people from injuries. One wrong fall could lead to a concussion or worse.

2. Heat-related injures

Any activity out in the sun can lead to serious heat-related injuries without the right preparation. Even the coolest summer days could leave you dehydrated or worse. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness and eventually heat stroke.

3. Swimming pool injuries

Many people try to fight off the heat by relaxing in the pool. Getting in the pool or getting out, one wrong step on a slick surface could send you falling. If you slam your head at a pool, you could experience life-altering injuries, like head or spinal trauma.

Sometimes people misjudge just how shallow the water is or just how deep they can dive. Someone may attempt to dive into the shallow end of a pool without the right signage to warn them against it. You could dive right into concrete if you think a pool is deeper than it really is.

4. Bike injuries

Not every road accommodates bikers, which means sharing the same lane as an oncoming car. Distracted drivers may not realize they’re driving alongside bikers. Protective gear can only go so far if a driver suddenly strikes you on a bike.

If you’ve been met with a personal injury, you may need to know your options to recover from your losses and medical bills. Slips, trips and falls and swimming pool injuries can be pursued under premises liability claims, while bike injuries can often be compensated through claims against an at-fault driver.