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3 types of product defects that may justify an injury claim

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Before a product is available to consumers, it should undergo stringent examinations and testing procedures to ensure its safety. Most of the time, products available for purchase do not cause injuries. However, there are occasions when unsafe products slip through the cracks, harming Tampa, Florida residents.

Often, manufacturers discover a dangerous product defect and issue a recall in time to prevent widespread harm. If the manufacturers fail to find the problem quickly, many innocent people could suffer injury.

Design defects

Sometimes, the intentional design of a product can lead to harm in consumers even though there are no obvious defects. When the design of a product makes it unreasonably dangerous, injured victims may qualify for a product liability claim.

Manufacturing defects

In some circumstances, a defect or flaw may arise in the item during the product manufacturing process, making it a potential danger even when used as intended. As with design defects, injured victims can have the right to seek compensation for their harm by filing a claim.

Marketing defects

Manufacturers use marketing to tout the benefits of a product. They also use labels and packaging to educate consumers about the item, including its proper use. If the label and packaging fail to warn consumers about the item’s risks, injured victims may find relief in the form of financial compensation through a legal claim.

Do not forget that those named in a product liability suit have the right to mount a defense. Most manufacturers typically have a legal team to help them with these lawsuits. It is wise for those harmed by defective products to build a legal team, too. An understanding of Florida product liability laws can also improve your case.