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Can a brain injury get worse?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Personal Injury |

It’s well-known that brain injuries take a long time to heal. Medical professionals will note that a lot of the healing does happen at first, but that can mean for the first few months. Some of the ramifications could last for life, especially if those months go by and healing has not yet happened.

However, cases like this tend to focus on issues where healing stagnated after a certain time. Is it also possible for the brain injury to get worse? Or is it only ever going to be as serious as it is immediately after the accident?

You could see a decline in your condition

Unfortunately, medical professionals do sometimes see patients with traumatic brain injuries who Plateau for a while and then experience a decline. There are cases when these doctors don’t even know why it happens. They can document the decline and try to address it as well as they can, but it’s not exactly clear what’s going on.

In other cases, doctors can find a direct reason for this decline. One potential example is bleeding on the brain. This can lead to cell death when the fluid levels put extra pressure on the brain tissue. If the bleeding was not identified immediately, perhaps because it is a very small hematoma, then the condition could significantly worsen after the accident.

What are your legal options?

Traumatic brain injuries are almost always quite expensive when looking for medical treatment, and this only gets more serious if your condition is worsening. You need to know about all of your legal options to seek compensation to help cover these costs.