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Hurt in a car crash on Thanksgiving?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Thanksgiving this year saw a spate of fatal and non-fatal crashes as it does every year. Crashes can and do happen on any day of the year, but the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

What makes Thanksgiving drivers more dangerous? Here are some things to consider:

Had the driver been drinking?

Not everyone drinks alcohol during the Thanksgiving holiday, but many do, and as they are often visiting relatives, they still need to drive home afterward.

Where had they traveled from?

Families spread out across the country as the children grow up and leave home, so celebrating together often requires one or more parties to travel vast distances. The grandkids get bored of sitting still in the car, and after asking, “Are we nearly there yet” for the thousandth time, their parents’ patience has worn thin. Combine that with the long traffic queues, and the driver may be ready to explode and make an irrational decision that causes a collision. Long journeys can also cause drivers to be more tired than usual, which does not make for safe driving.

Who was driving?

Let’s say Mom does most of the driving in a family. If she has a few too many beers with lunch, she may give the keys to Dad or the eldest son, who has only just got his license. Or they may take the keys from her. If the replacement driver rarely takes the wheel, they may make poor decisions due to a lack of practice or nerves.

If you were injured in a Thanksgiving crash, finding out why it happened will be crucial to claiming the compensation you need.