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Why do insurance companies lowball injury victims?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After getting into a car crash, you needed medical care. You missed days at work and still can’t return in the capacity that you’d like. 

You decided to make a claim, but what you could not expect was how low of an offer that the other party’s insurance would make you. Their offer was so low that it was truly insulting, and it left you wondering if you really weren’t as in need as you thought.

Insurance adjusters have a job to do (and it isn’t to pay claims)

Before you ride that train of thought, remember that insurance companies often do send lowball offers to victims — just to see if they will be accepted. Why? They are a business, and the adjuster’s job is to see if they can save the company money.

While you would hope that the company’s priority would be righting a wrong, the reality is that they are only obligated to offer an amount that they believe would make you whole. They can suggest $10,000 for medical coverage a day after the crash, but you should never take an offer before you know exactly how much your medical care and other financial losses will tally.

Insurance companies know that if they make an offer early, and often before victims have a chance to speak with their attorneys, they’ll have a better chance of having a victim accept less money as a settlement. They know that if they offer money when a victim needs it most, the victim may take it out of urgency.

Don’t let an insurance company lowball you. You have a right to negotiate for fair compensation after you’ve been injured. Please continue to review our website to learn more.