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What are the benefits of mediation over litigation?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Mediation |

Mediation can be used for legal disputes of many types. Perhaps you’re a business professional who is having a dispute with your partner and you need it to be resolved so that you can move forward with the company. Maybe you’re married and you’re thinking of ending the relationship. Perhaps you’re involved in some other type of complex legal dispute or a personal injury claim.

You can choose to go to court, or you can work with a trained mediator. Many choose mediation because it offers some distinct advantages. Consider these:

1. You avoid airing your disputes in public.

First and foremost, mediation allows you to avoid litigation and keep the whole issue out of the courts. This can make it far simpler and may keep many of the details of your conflict private. That can be particularly important if you’re trying to protect your personal privacy or public reputation. 

2. You have more control over the outcome of your case.

Secondly, you get to make the decisions. With litigation, both sides present their cases and the judge makes the decision. Mediation allows you and the other party to make those decisions on your own. This may lead to a better outcome than letting someone else decide — and greater satisfaction for both parties. This can also help preserve a better working relationship between the two sides, which can be important for co-parents and business associates.

3. You can get a resolution faster.

Finally, mediation is often fast. It can take time to get your case to court and get an answer. Mediation often allows you to start right away, and it’s less complex, so you get a resolution sooner. If you don’t want this issue to drag on, mediation may work. 

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