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How can an appellate attorney help in all aspects of a case?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Appellate Law |

If you currently have a client who needs to appeal a case or are interested in becoming an appellate attorney yourself, you should learn more about what they do and why they are so beneficial to work with.

Appellate lawyers are usually assumed to be people who are oral advocates or brief writers who won’t be involved in a case until it is won or lost in court. The truth is that they can help throughout the process of a case, started even as soon as case development.

How are appellate attorneys different from general litigators?

Appellate attorneys tend to work in a different way. They will focus on legal issues and how to prove that their side of the case should win as a result of how the laws are set up. On the other hand, general litigators work to make a persuasive factual case.

Appellate attorneys will do research into the legal process and principles that affect the case. Then, they develop persuasive and logical arguments for the court.

When appellate attorneys work with general litigators, the outcome can be excellent. This is because the trial lawyer will focus on fact-based storytelling, while the appellate attorney will look for specific legal arguments against the case being lost. Combined, there is a more substantial argument that helps win cases.

Appellate attorneys may also help with other matters by understanding the appellate process, being familiar with specific judges or attorneys with whom they’ll be working, and being objective when it comes time to review a case. Consulting with an appellate attorney is beneficial when assessing if an appeal is likely to be successful. It’s also a good idea to consult with an appellate attorney to determine what kind of strategy would work best out of those possible.

Appellate attorneys can work collaboratively with others as respectful, supportive attorneys who understand the importance of problem solving. They are analytical and objective, which can be beneficial in any kind of case. These attorneys are convincing writers, strong speakers and persuasive, which helps any case. Additionally, with an appellate attorney on board, your client can show that they do intend to appeal if they lose the case.