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Wrong-way crashes leaves 1 dead, 2 with serious injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes sometimes lead to car crashes where people get hurt or pass away from their injuries.

Take, for example, this horrible case that happened in Venice. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, two vehicles collided in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 75.

Who was involved in the crash?

The Florida Highway Patrol troopers reported that one person was killed and two were seriously hurt in the crash. The head-on collision reportedly happened when a woman drove her vehicle into an oncoming Nissan Altima.

The man driving the Altima passed away at the scene. A woman who was in the passenger seat was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. It wasn’t clear if she was expected to survive. The authorities at the scene also stated that the wrong-way driver had serious injuries as well.

Wrong-way crashes are dangerous, especially on highways

Wrong-way crashes are always dangerous, but they’re particularly harmful when they involve people on the highway. Highway speed limits are higher than residential or standard roadways, and there is a greater likelihood that a wrong-way driver won’t have the ability to find an exit once they realize what has happened.

How can you avoid a wrong-way crash?

If you’re entering a highway, make sure you get on the on-ramp and not the off-ramp. They’re normally near each other, but one will have pavement that curves towards you to indicate that you may enter. Watch for signs warning you not to enter.

If you see someone traveling the wrong way in traffic, call 911 and move out of the way to the best of your ability. Slow down, so if you are hit the impact will be lessened.